• Imagine8796

    Owning the Wikia

    May 7, 2019 by Imagine8796

    So i made a request to own this wikia. The reasons why i want the wikia are :

    1. Most of the Admins aren't active on the wikia and the last admin stopped at 21:02, August 2, 2018  after editing the Scott Pickett page.

    2. I love the movie and the fans. The movie was amazing and i love the songs, along with the fans. I'm still fighting for a Lemonade Mouth 2!

    3. I know what to do, mostly i have many wikias where i'm admin and i read the rules.

    So these are my reason why i want the wikia. But before i end this......

    The movie has made me who i am today and made me stand up for myself and others. This movie has made a huge impact on my life. Thanks to the FANDOM admins, staff, the Lemonade Mouth inactive admins, the cast, and mostly the amazing fan…

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  • RucasAusllyNaleyJelena


    January 11, 2018 by RucasAusllyNaleyJelena

    I am thinking of trying to adopt this wiki since none of the administrators are still active. If you have any objections tell me? -RucasAusllyLolden

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  • SourLemonadeGIRL

    [[] we NEED Lemonade Mouth and I won't stop until We get it I could even help with the story line or something but we need it back please.

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  • Lemonadexxxpert30004

    lemonade mouth is my way to heaven, i have a huge man crush on "wen", and ive written several fan fictions with him being the main character. i feel its time to do my part for the lemonade mouth loving community

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  • TheNextGiroud

    Last night and this evening Disney Channel aired Lemonade Mouth. This might bring in a new batch of users.

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  • Hoaloverforever

    Did you guys here that there is not going to be a lemonade mouth 2 its upseting but they said that disney might change there minds ands its going to be good if they change their minds but i will be keeping an update on wahat they said but read the book its really good.

    Do You Want Disney To Change Their Minds. put  :) for yes

    DO you not want disney to CHANGE their Minds put  :(  for no

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  • NickRouxisawesome


    March 8, 2013 by NickRouxisawesome

    lemonade is one of my favorite drinks.  it is sour and sweet at the same time.  me and my friends in the summer always go biking and we bring a nice cold bottel of lemonade and we have alot of fun you should try it some time.  Just go biking for about a half an hour or so and bring some ice cold lemonade.  Just go out and have fun with your friends.

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  • Arielarouramermaid


    February 25, 2013 by Arielarouramermaid

    hi  just wanted to say hi

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  • XRebel.And.Proud.Of.ItX

    So,hi,I'm Hannah.I've been looking over some stuff on the net and just recently I've seen something on Wikipedia-that Lemonade Mouth 2 was supposed to air in 2012,but was closed.What do you think?Should there be another part?Write a comment,and please don't argue.

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  • Wubby255


    September 18, 2012 by Wubby255

    thanks for the songs

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  • Skyblue 101

    I didn't know I could write a blog ;P

    Thats all for nowww...

    And I love Lemonade mouth!! :D

    ~Skyblue 101 x

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  • BFwangs

    here are my top ten movies:

    1. Lemonade mouth - because i love all the songs. my favourite is she's so gone

    2. 16 wishes - I love sweet 16 birthday parties. Abby and Krista's was amazing

    3. Camp Rock 2- the final jam - Camp rock dosent go out of buisness despite they lost the competittion

    4. Let it shine - this is one of the first movies I've seen that has mostly black people and I'm black

    5. Good luck charlie it's christmas - it's their first movie and they're going to have Toby

    6. Sharpay's fabulous adventure - Sharpay gets to do her own movie

    7. High school musical 2 - summer vacation and i love musicals

    8. Starstruck - I never knwe Sterling Knight sings

    9. Radio rebel - just do

    10. High school musical- just do

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  • Cupcakelover89

    My favorite couples in Lemonade Mouth are Wenlivia. Even though they don't date, I still love the moments they have. Like when Olivia hugs Wen when Wen gives the kitten to Olivia. I thought that was sooooooo nice and Olivia should have kissed Wen. Anyways other moments are when Wen kisses Olivia's hand when she was singing Livin' on a Highwire. I awwed at that. It was soooooo cute! Anyways, i won't name ALL the moments Wenlivia has but all of them are my favorite. Anyways my other favorite couple was Mott. I didn't like them at first but now I like them and when they got back together at the end I was SOOOOOOOO happy. Anyways, what are your favorite couples/pairings from Lemonade Mouth? Let me know in the commons below.


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  • Lemonrain

    They should make the second one like this. Everything's going fine and they've made a big difference but then the have a rival. They almost beat them, but then someone has to move. After they move, the band starts getting worse and worse. They try and try to hold it together, but it falls apart. Just as everything crashes, that person comes back, and fixes and convinces everyone to not give up. That should be what the second movie is about. To try and try, and even when it falls on top of you, stay strong and stand through it all.Italic text

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  • AbiEmilyPorter

    Hey Guys!

    June 19, 2012 by AbiEmilyPorter

    Hey Everyone!

    I absolutely adore Lemonade Mouth (I'm watching it right now:) )

    I hope LM2 comes out

    I don't really know what I'm doing here

    But I hope this wiki gets back on it's feet at one point in the near future ;)

    Just thought I'd say hi ;)


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  • Lemonademouthlover606

    HEY HEY HEY how it going I LOVE LEMONADE MOUTH I HAVE SOME IDEAS FOR AN AUDITION you guys can do are you guys up to it i know you guys are just post a commet and others guys it will be fun. And no mean commets guys plaease do not say THAT I suck at writing i'm only im in middle school ok do not tease me about nothing cause it will hurt my feelings anyway auditions will be up i will post them up about the whole script if your interested commet up and where we will people could mo,wen, other people ok but you have to audition in the commet side i am so sorry anyone who has pics the can use with each people will do i will be the directer anyway guys hope you guys aren't mad at me for the whole commet thing. SCRIPTS: MO: OLIVIA, WEN CHARLIE, S…

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  • Lemonadelover606


    February 18, 2012 by Lemonadelover606


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  • Lemonadelover606


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  • MaxroxY556677


    December 27, 2011 by MaxroxY556677

    we need to block maxroxy for good abanned him from all he wikis and try not to stop him. if he keeps on doing it then call all the people you know and tell them to show what he has done and so let"s do it who agrees with me all adiams be ready i want to became an adaim too

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  • Slowlyevanescent

    Wiki Clean Up

    December 22, 2011 by Slowlyevanescent

    Heyy guys! :)

    I know the users of the Wiki have been fairly inactive since November, but I think we should get everything back on track. We won't get anywhere if we leave it inactive.

    So, I have an idea.

    We should clean up the wiki! :)

    Admins, I need your help to do this:

    • Delete bad comments made by Wikia Contributors
    • Delete pages created by Wikia Contributors (I found one, and it made no sense whatsoever)
    • Fix the pages that were ruined by Wikia Contributors
    • Protect all pages so that Wikia Contributors cannot edit them
    • And finally, take a vote to see how many people want to BAN WIKIA CONTRIBUTORS FROM OUR WIKI!

    Do you guys agree?

    If so, let's get started!

    And be sure to vote below. :)


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  • Slowlyevanescent

    Username Change!

    December 22, 2011 by Slowlyevanescent

    Heyy guys :)

    Just letting you know... My username is no longer "Fabinaforever". I changed it to "Slowlyevanescent".

    Thanks :)

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  • Tvfan130672


    November 26, 2011 by Tvfan130672


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  • Slowlyevanescent

    Heyyy guys!

    Remember me?!?!?! It's Fabinaforever! Wow, it's been a long time since I've been on here... So can someone please fill me in and tell me where to get started? I'm eager to get back into the swing of things! :)


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  • Goth-Newbie

    Hey there!

    October 23, 2011 by Goth-Newbie

    'Sup! It's me, Goth-Newbie, and I'm just posting this for a badge, but, I also just wanted to say hi to the my fellow Lemonade Mouth fans out there! So, Hi! My favorite songs from LM is "Determinate" and "Somebody". My favorite characters are Olivia, Wen and Stella. So again, Hi to the other LM fans out there! :D

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  • AliciaXxX


    September 19, 2011 by AliciaXxX

    Hey guys you can follow me on youtube,facebook,yahoo and my website I will put the link up soon and vote for my list and COMMENT

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  • NeneAndNate


    Due to a susprise wacko on another wiki (Some users may know) and now my parents want me to leave. So I will come back some day :) Anyways I can't tell very wikia so SPEARD THE WORD!!!! Also if you could please kept me as admin, but put me under in-active.

    Ok bye :(

    NeneG Leave me a message! 13:11, August 2, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Lemonade Lover

    Hi everyone!!!!! It's Lemonade Lover!!!! Spreading the love..... One lemon at a time!!!!! I just wanna know.... who likes Wen and Olivia better, and who likes Charlie and Mo (who *angry face* didn't get together). But anyway, I just mean in general. I for one love Charlie and Mo. I mean Wen and Olivia are nice but.... to me it just doesn't seem the same. Just put those votes in the comments and we'll see how the rest goes.

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  • Sosoalbuflasa

    lemonade mouth

    July 21, 2011 by Sosoalbuflasa
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  • Fatoom Alhawaj

    About Myself

    July 19, 2011 by Fatoom Alhawaj

    My name is f alhawaj i am a wenIivia fan


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  • Bridgetmendlerfan4268

    I think Stella Yamada is a good musician do you?

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  • NeneAndNate

    Hi Guys :D Um.. I'm going to be on vacation from July 22nd to Aug 12th-15th. Please know that I will not be on as much. My vacation spot does have Wi-Fi, so that's good :) That's all! NeneG Leave me a message! 13:20, July 19, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Kate Ray91899

    Bad News!

    July 12, 2011 by Kate Ray91899

    The government is currently trying to pass a bill that will affect all of us, in an extremely negative way. It is the reason why so many PnF uploaders lost their YouTube account. It is called Bill S. 978. It must be stopped. It will effect us all, by not letting us watch PnF on YouTube. But it will also affect our individual wants. This restricts the upload of any kind of copyrighted materials. Parodies and Game reviews are also on the list

    This bill means:

    • No more watching ANY kinds of shows (or movies) on Youtube
    • No more fan/fanart videos
    • No more Screwattack
    • No more DBZ abridged
    • No more game reviews
    • No more game walkthroughs (for whoever isn't good enough to beat the game without help :/)
    • No more Parodies of songs
    • No more videos of everyday peopl…
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  • Bridgetmendlerfan4268

    Who is your favorite Lemonade Mouth character? p.s. plaease comment fast.

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  • Bridgetmendlerfan4268

    What are your opinions on olivia white, i think she has a great personality and she is a great singer

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  • Bridgetmendlerfan4268

    Hi my name is bridgetmenlerfan4268 i just want to now some of you guys so i love lemonade mouth i know all the songs and all the people so this is what i know but what do you guys know i'd like to get to know you guys some more just tell me about yourself.

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  • InSpeck

    So...I was looking through Hayley Kiyoko's tweets and I came across this:

    Soooo...Hayley Kiyoko's Canadian...? I never actually knew this. Unless Wikipedia was wrong, it said she was born in LA. So, she's probably like...a.... citizen of Canada..? No idea. Did any of you guys know? Because I actually didn't xD Of course, this was on July 1st, which is Canada Day (am I right?) 17:15, July 4, 2011 (UTC)

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  • InSpeck

    Good News!

    July 4, 2011 by InSpeck

    I've got some great news...I've activated the chat feature on Wikia Labs!


    We can now chat on the wiki with fellow LM fans!

    Today is July 4th, so I'd like to say...Happy 4th of July to all the Americans! =D As you might now know, I am NOT American, so I don't celebrate this xD But, I just wanted to say congratulations to the States!

    Woo hoo! Unfortunately, no picture for you today xD

    16:37, July 4, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Boogernose51


    July 3, 2011 by Boogernose51

    Hello all of you LM fans!

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  • InSpeck

    So yeah, today is the 25th of June. And...

    It's Chris Brochu's birthday!! Thanks to Santcruz, he turned 21! That means he was born on June 25, 1989 :) I added that to his page.

    Twitter rules :D

    01:44, June 26, 2011 (UTC)

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  • InSpeck

    Congratulations :D

    June 25, 2011 by InSpeck

    Twitter, again! xD

    I don't know her, but I'll congratulate her anyways.


    Woo hoo! Unfortunately, I'm a little late xD She tweeted on the June 20 lol.

    14:45, June 25, 2011 (UTC)

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  • InSpeck

    Wikia Editor Redesigned

    June 22, 2011 by InSpeck

    Wikia has decided to redesign their edit pages. I've chosen to activate it, so editing will be a little easier. Try editing the pages and see if you like it or not, because I've already activited it. If you tried it, give feedback on the comments below :) If no one likes it, I'll take it off xD

    21:35, June 22, 2011 (UTC)

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  • KataraFan

    Excited :)

    June 17, 2011 by KataraFan

    Hi, my name is KataraFan. I LOVE Lemonade Mouth, and I'm very excited to be editing this wiki :)

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  • NeneAndNate

    Hey It's NeneG! Where's everyone! I haven't been editing that much because there is LOTS OF DRAMA in my life including my great grandma in the hospital (NOT WELL AT ALL) and summer friend drama!!!!! So where's all the admins other than me! Hope you didn't die!!!!!! COME BACK U'R AWESOME =D

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  • NeneAndNate

    I just learned that Chris Brochu that plays Ray and Doug Brochru that plays Grady on Sonny with a Chance r brothers!!! JUST WANTED 2 SAY THAT!!!! :))))

    NeneG Leave me a message! 20:48, June 16, 2011 (UTC)

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  • InSpeck

    Posting it again: LM 2!

    June 12, 2011 by InSpeck

    You know how I am with my ridiculous Twitter xD (Just to let you know, I don't have Twitter myself lol)

    So, Blake, Hayley, and Naomi share the good news: Lemonade Mouth 2! What about Adam and Bridgit? I don't know xD

    Follow @NaomiScott on Twitter!

    Follow @HayleyKiyoko on Twitter!

    Blake has a few tweets about it :) Follow @BlakeMichael14 on Twitter!

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  • InSpeck

    To celebrate the news that there will be a Lemonade Mouth 2, Mark Peter Hughes kept his promise and read the first chapter of his second LM book which is titled....

    Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up

    I've already made the page. Yay!! Here's the video:

    Awesome, huh?!? Now you know the second book's name :D I'll make the Wiki page for it and I'll post the link in the comments.

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  • NeneAndNate


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  • InSpeck

    I wonder...!

    June 10, 2011 by InSpeck

    So, I've got exciting news. After the LM Cast's performance on the View on th 10th of June, Hayley Kiyoko and Blake Michael has revealed that they (the cast) have...

    A very special a big announcement to make!!

    We don't know what it is, but they did say it on Twitter. So now you have to watch it! :D At least try to! And once you have, please share their announcement so everyone will know! Thanks!

    By the way, Blake tweeted this just 2 minutes before I made this blog xD

    I don't know if you noticed, and I tried to get more of it, but Hayley's Twitter background is Lemonade Mouth! :D (And she tweeted this via iPhone :)

    What do you think will the announcement be? A tour? I don't know! I hope it's a 2nd movie :D Not really hoping for a tour, though...I ho…

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  • InSpeck

    So, it's true :) There really is a Lemonade Mouth book sequel. Lemonade Mouth 2! Wahoo!


    He posted on the Lemonade Mouth website...

    "When we reach 10,000 twitter followers, Lemonade Mouth author Mark Peter Hughes promises to post a video reading the entire first scene of Lemonade Mouth 2!"

    That's right! So, if you have twitter, follow @lemonade_mouth!

    If he gets enough followers, we'll be getting a special sneak peak into the sequel!

    Isn't that amazing?!? If there's a second book, they must make a second movie! I can't get enough of this lemonade :) (even though it's not the best drink out there...) I won't leave you with a photo this time, I'm too full of excitement :D

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  • NeneAndNate

    Admin Blog !!!

    June 8, 2011 by NeneAndNate


    So some users (including an admin named Noah) airen't on. So really we have a missing admin???? InSpeck and Fabinaforever tell me what u think =D NeneG Leave me a message! 17:17, June 8, 2011 (UTC)

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