Cholivia is the romantic or friendship paring of Charlie Delgado, and Olivia White.



Olivia White and Charlie Delgado

Length of relationship

Not together


Friends/Band mates/Brother-Sister relationship

Ship rival(s)

Ralivia- (Ray and Olivia)

Scolivia- (Scott and Olivia)

Chott- (Charlie and Scott)

Chay- (Charlie and Ray)

Starlie- (Stella and Charlie)

Nalivia- (Nancy and Olivia)

Grolivia- (Gram and Oliva)

Stolivia- (Stella and Olivia)

Wenvia- (Wen and Olivia)

Charlie and Olivia both met in detention and are in the band Lemonade Mouth. It is unknown if they have feelings for each other, but Charlie occasionally helps Olivia or teases her about her nervous issues.

Pairing names

Cholivia - (Ch/arlie + Olivia)

Charvia - (Char/lie + Oli/via)


They both sing.

They are both in Lemonade Mouth (band).

They attend the same high school.


  • Charlie held Olivia's hand bringing her down the stairs.
  • Charlie, along with the rest of the band, went to Olivia's house to comfort her after her cat Nancy died.
  • When Olivia's cat died, Charlie claims that it's nice outside, making Olivia feel better.
  • When Stella brought them all together at Dante's pizza, Charlie and Olivia were sat next to each other (this happened twice throughout the film).
  • Charlie looks at Olivia briefly during the groups first meeting at Dante's pizza.
  • When Olivia was singing "Somebody", she went up close to Charlie and sung and he was smiling and laughing.
  • When Olivia admits to the fact that her widowed father is in prison, Charlie looks sorry for her, almost holding her hand.
  • When Ray asked if Wen was going to do anything when Ray was harassing Olivia, Charlie said he would, therefore risking getting beaten up for Olivia if Stella hadn't arrived.
  • He enjoys teasing Olivia playfuly about her nerve issues.
  • During the sort of food fight, Charlie shields Olivia with his pizza box and they both hide behind it, eating pizza.
  • Olivia was sandwitched between Charlie and Wen during lunch.
  • Charlie hugs Olivia's free side at Rising Star when the band mates stand together, watching the audience sing "Determinate."
  • Olivia talks to Charlie during Wen's father's wedding, as he was sitting behind her with his girlfriend.
  • When Wen kisses Olivia's hand, Charlie grins at the two of them, happy for Olivia.

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