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Wendall Gifford sat on the chair in front of his piano as he waited for the others to get ready.He casually sat there looking at Olivia White.The shy lead singer of Lemonade Mouth.

A light knock On Wen's door was heard.He stood up saying a faint 'I'll get it'and dashed off.

He opened the door revealing his set of triplets he had adopted a few months ago along with Scott and Charlie.

"Hi Dad!"They said in union.

His jaw dropped to the floor as he saw them.

"What are you doing here?!"He yelled The yell was heard and the others walked to him.

Charlie and Scott was surprised.

"Well we left you guys a message saying that we were going back for semi break.Didn't you get it?"The girl in the middle asked.she had curly blonde hair tied in a ponytail.She wore a pink skirt with tights and a pink 'LM rules' t-shirt with a leather jacket.She had black boots and black teardrop earrings.

"No I did not Selena"Wen said stepping away so that the girls could come in.

The 2 others sighed.They looked like Selena but they had their appearances in a different way.

For example,The girl on Selena's right,Scarlet,wore jeans,a white tank top saying 'Musician' in scripted form handwritten with a leather jacket similar to her sister's but her's was white.She had her hair straight.To top it all off,she had a white headband,white converse and white butterflies for earrings.

Lastly the girl on Selena's left,Samantha,wore light blue leggings that stopped just on her knees with a sky-blue flowing top.She wore a leather jacket too but her's was light blue.She had her hair in loose ponytails which rested onto her arms with blue earrings.She had blue and white wedges that made her taller than her sisters.But in reality,she had the same height.

Stella was the first to recover from the shock of Wen having triplets.

"Mind to explain?"


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