This is the rules. Please read carefully, and look at the example at the bottom. Click here to go back.

Nominating Rules

When nominating, you must be a registered user. All nominations from Wiki contributors will be deleted (but the page will be protected anyways). No duplicate nominations.

When nominating anything, please explain why you nominate it and why it's worthy enough to be Featured Media.


You can nominate any photo on the wiki, but it must already be on the wiki. You can't upload a new picture then nominate it.


  1. The picture must be of reasonable size. (Not too big, not too small)
  2. Looks interesting to the users and contributors of the wiki.
  3. It must be Lemonade Mouth-related. So, don't nominate photos of something else that someone posted on the Wiki.
  4. You must be a registered user.


You can nominate any video on the wiki, but must it be already on the wiki? No. If you'd like to nominate a video, nominate it!


  1. The video must be Lemonade Mouth-related. So, don't nominate videos of some other video.
  2. It can be a video from the movie, or a Behind-the-Scenes kind of video.
  3. Can be from any website, as long as it works and not dangerous.
  4. Try to include the actual video, not a link to where you got it from. But, if you can't include the video, a link is fine.
  5. You must be a registered user.


You can nominate any song on the wiki.


  1. Must be a Lemonade Mouth song.
  2. It can be a song from the movie, or a song from the book. (If it's from the book, please make sure we know the lyrics, and if there's not a page for it, please make one!)
  3. When nominating, please include a picture of that song (example, a photo of the band performing it)
  4. Cannot be a made-up song by you or someone else.
  5. You must be a registered user.


You can nominate any Lemonade Mouth character.


  1. It must be a real Lemonade Mouth character, and not one you made up.
  2. It can be an actor or an actress or a character from the movie/book.
  3. If you want to do an actor/actress, there must be already an article on the wiki. If there is not, you're free to make one.
  4. You must be a registered user.

All nominations will have a "Support" or "Against" below it. When voting, please explain why you voted for that media.

Voting Rules

You must be an active user to vote for a Featured Media.

Only 1 vote per user. Up to 2 nominations per user.

Featured Media Nomination Example

How do you format a nomination? Here's an example.

InSpeck's Nomination - Photo


I nominate this because......



All the real nominations must be posted here.

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