Gram is Olivia's grandmother. After Olivia's dad goes to jail and Olivia's mom (Gram's daughter) dies, Olivia was sent to live with her.

About Gram

She is very sweet and sometimes talks too much (specifically when she told Wen that Olivia doesn't have a lot of friends). Olivia and Gram are very close and love each other. Gram likes to listen to classical music, too.


  • "I've never met one of Olivia's friends!"
  • "When I said to get out of the house, I didn't mean it like this!"


Olivia White

Gram's granddaughter is Olivia. They love each other very much, as Gram has to take care of her.

Lemonade Mouth Bandmates

It is possible that the bandmates and Gram are friends, but they didn't have many scenes together, except when the band went over to Olivia's house after school and Mo saw her through the window.


Nancy was the cat of Olivia's mom. Gram might've been on Olivia's mother's side or her father's. If Gram is the mother of Olivia's mom, then Nancy was Gram's daughter's cat.

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