Jules is a girl at school who may have a crush on Scott. And is a cheerleader.

About Jules

Jules is a very popular cheerleader who is friends with Scott. In the beginning, she comes off as a typical high school cheerleader: a self-centered, mean girl who not only tries to steal Scott away from Mo but to also bullies unpopular girls like Olivia at every opportunity. She also is friends with Mo and Ray. She is one of the people who hated Lemonade Mouth but learned it was a great band in the end. She almost got Mel's Lemonade spit on her by Stella.


  • "Hey, nice hair!"
  • " You're full of cra- No, no no no!"
  • "Hi!"
  • "Why don't you. . . . uh. . . find another seat?"


Scott Pickett

(Unknown-Present; Close Friend/Crush)

The two are really good friends she was even shown feeling his arm muscle. He and she almost have the same connection that Scott and Mo did. Though Scott considers her as just a friend.

Mo Banjaree


Mo coming up, finding Jules feelings Scott muscles

(Unknown-Present; Friend)

Mo and Jules have a friendship. When Mo saw Jules at the restaurant she waved at them she just laughed at her which made Mo feel embarrassed.

Ray Beech

(Unknown-Present; Good Friend/Slight Crush)

They don't interact much but Ray did tell two nerds to move out of their seats so she could sit and he did take Mo up to see her feeling Scott's arm muscles to make Mo jealous. She also hated Lemonade Mouth as much as Ray did but learned to love it.

Stella Yamada

(2011-present; Enemies)

Not much interaction is between the two though Jules told Stella to move so she could sit and Stella almost spit on her with Mel's Lemonade.

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