Lemonade Mouth (Book)


Mark Peter Hughes






9 - 16


Delacorte Press

Publication date

March 13, 2007

Media type

Print (Hardcover, Paperback) e-Book (Kindle)



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Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up

About the Book

Before it was a movie, Lemonade Mouth was a hit novel written by Mark Peter Hughes. It was published in 2007 and set in a High School in Rhode Island. Four years later it was a hit Disney Channel Movie.

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For the sequel, please go to this page: Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up (Book).


The story follows five desperate high school students who meet in detention, realize they can be a big hit if they work at it, and ultimately form a band called Lemonade Mouth that becomes a champion for students sidelined by the high school elite. The story is compiled by freshman Naomi Fishmeier and is told through the point of views of each of the members of the band, who have their own personal struggles to overcome in high school.

Characters (A little different from the movie)

  • Olivia Whitehead - The vocalist of the band, Olivia struggles through her life after her mother left, her father was convicted of murder, and she was left to live with her grandmother. A book worm, Olivia is often nervous. She is also a little over weight.
  • Stella Penn - Stella began her freshman year after unwillingly moving across the country because of her mother's new job. Coming from a family of geniuses, she goes into detention as a way for her to rebel. Stella plays the ukelele for the band. She is a vegetarian and promotes speaking out and breaking the bounds to be creative.
  • Wen Gifford - Wen struggles with facing the fact that his father is dating a younger woman, Sydney. Wen plays the trumpet in the band.
  • Charlie Hirsh - Charlie finds himself going crazy over the fact that he was born instead of his stillborn brother, Aaron. He is the percussionist for the band. He is loud and rambunctious.
  • Mohini "Mo" Banerjee - A good girl, "Mo" finds herself socially inept and struggles with her father's strict rules at home. She plays the upright bass for the band. She promotes studying hard and focusing on schoolwork.


  1. Smile Song
  2. Skinny Nancy
  3. Better Places
  4. Everyday Monsters

Differences from the Movie

Here's a few. We're sure there's more, but in the meantime...

The Book The Movie
Olivia's mom left her family Olivia's mom died
Stella's last name is Penn Stella's last name is Yamada
Charlie plays congas and timbales Charlie plays the drums
Wen plays the trumpet Wen plays keyboard
Mo plays the traditional upright bass Mo plays the bass guitar
Stella plays the electric ukelele Stella plays the guitar
Sydney is 26 Sydney is 28
Mo gets detention for making out with Scott Mo gets detention for skipping class with Scott
Stella's shirt has handprints Stella's shirt has the words "Question Authority"
Wen has a brother named George Wen has a sister named Georgie
Stella has an older sister, a step dad, and twin half-brothers Stella has a mom, a dad, and twin younger brothers
The band visits Olivia's dad in jail The band does not visit Olivia's dad in jail
Sydney draws pictures Sydney takes photographs
Olivia's last name is Whitehead Olivia's last name is White
Lemonade Mouth looks at the clouds from Olivia's rooftop Lemonade Mouth looks at the clouds from Olivia's backyard
Olivia is described as overweight and showing no emotion most of the time Olivia is thin and easily gets visibly nervous
Mo gets over Scott and ends up falling in love and dating Charlie Mo gives Scott another chance and Charlie ends up dating one of his fans
Charlie's last name is Hirsh Charlie's last name is Delgado
Mo's last name is Banerjee Mo's last name is Banjaree
Lemonade Mouth's songs are Skinny Nancy, Everyday Monsters, Better Places etc. Lemonade Mouth's songs are Determinate, Turn Up The Music, Somebody, Here We Go, More Than a Band, She´s So Gone, Living on a High Wire, Breakthrough.
Olivia has thirteen cats Olivia had one cat.
Charlie has a dead brother named Aaron Charlie has an older brother who's not dead named Tommy
Charlie has very frizzy hair Charlie has long straight hair
The final show is called Catch a-RI-Zing Star The final show is called Rising Star
Mudslide Crush does not play at Catch a RI-Zing Star Mudslide Crush does play at Rising Star

Ms. Reznik is old, but still peppy

Ms. Reznik is younger and peppy
The first song that Lemonade Mouth sing together was the Smile Song The first song that Lemonade Mouth sing together was Turn Up the Music
Stella dyes her hair green Stella does not dye her hair
Mo's best friend is Naomi Fishmeier Naomi Fishmeier does not exist
Charlie tells Mo about playing at the pizza place, while they are walking in the school hallway Stella and Wen told Olivia, Charlie and Mo about playing there when they were eating at Dante's Pizzeria
The restaurant Lemonade Mouth plays in is called Pizza Planet Lemonade Mouth plays in Dante's Pizzeria instead of Pizza Planet
The owner of the pizza place is Bruno The owner of the pizza place is called Dante
Mo's father owns a store Mo's father does not own a store

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