Hey Disney!

So youir cancelling lemonade mouth 2? NO

I've been waitin for this since the first one came out. If you didnt want letters like this well remember Lemonade Mouith 1? It shows up to stand up to what we believe in! Never give up. YOU wrote that film telling us never to give up and im not! Kids want to see the next one, to listen to sound music and to be taught another lesson about how never giving up, accepting things. But i can tell you im not accepting this! Lemonade Mouth inspires people, just because Naomi Scott couldnt be bothered showing up to do the movie! In Lemonade Mouth Charlie broke his fingers, Wen got a balck eye, Olivia lost her voice and Mo got a cold, Stella was left. And she encouraged them to carry on! No they didnt win but they found out what was true to them. If you do make this movie you'll get more lemon-heads, youll get so many fans youll be like Camp Rock, they didnt give up, their movies are years old now but 'It's On' is still No.3 on YouTube, because they got so many fans. Naomi will realize what shes missing and come crawling back like a snail. Lemonade Mouh inspired me coz it was about ordinary people standing up for themselves, not giving up! Now i realized it was a bunch of fakers who will stop just because of someone quits! 

Nothing personal, just my opinion.

From an 11 year old boy called Faris Saifelden.

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