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Welcome to the Lemonade Mouth Wiki! We have created 106 articles since April 18th, 2011, but we always appreciate some help! This Wiki is about all things on the Disney movie, Lemonade Mouth. If you need to catch up or you're just curious to see just what this movie is all about, it's all here! Got a question? Ask around! Thanks!

It has been confirmed that Lemonade Mouth 2 was canceled. This is because Disney thought the movie had a good enough ending and there is no reason for a sequel. Also, due to Lemonade Mouth no longer airing daily on Disney Channel, this wiki does not have many users at the time.

About Lemonade Mouth


Watched by 5.7 million viewers on the premiere night, Lemonade Mouth is a Disney movie about five kids from five very different lifestyles that form a band...And it all starts in detention, in the basement of Mesa High School. As they face multiple trials together, they realize that it's time for kids to be heard. They will stop at nothing to get their message out into the open for everyone to see - even if it means going against their principal.


Lemonade Mouth Cast

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Since July 2011 LM wikia has not had many users, so if you are a user tell all your wiki friends about LEMONADE MOUTH! Hopefully we will have users back soon!


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Since not many users are online, "User of the Week" has been cancelled until farther notice. Sorry Lemonade Mouth fans :(

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