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Mel's Lemonade
Lemonade Mouth with a Mel's Lemonade machine.


The official symbol of the band Lemonade Mouth.

About Mel's Lemonade

Mel's Lemonade is a sour, organic lemonade product that can be found in machines down in the basement of

Mel, founder of the company

Mesa High School.

Olivia drinking Mel's Lemonade.


All of the bandmates of Lemonade Mouth (before they start their band) happen to drink Mel's at the same time. Soon, they get into a fight with Ray Beech, and Stella spits Mel's Lemonade in his face. He calls her "Lemonade Mouth" and that later turns into the band's name. At the Halloween Bash, they pass out Mel's Lemonade during their performance. Also, when the Mel's Lemonade machine is being removed from Mesa High, Stella sits in front of the truck that they're loading it into to "protest against it's removal".


At the end of the movie, Mel's becomes the sponsor for Mesa High, after Stella meets Mel at Wen's dad's wedding and asks him to do so. Mel himself also buys an auditorium for Mesa High.