Mella is the friendship pairing of Mohini Banjaree and Stella Yamamda.



Best friends/ Band mates

Ship rivals







They both sing and play guitar

Stella and Mo are best friends. Since they both play some type of guitar, they both get along great. They also often store Olivia, their lead singer, with confidence. Mo often seems to be the one to keep Stella out of trouble, since she cares about Stella a lot and doesn't want her to get detention, or worse expelled from school, since Principal Brenigan has a strong dislike towards Stella because of her rebellious nature.

Pairing Names:

Mella (M/Stella)

Sto (Stella/Mo)

Molla (Mo/Stella)

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Mella Moments:

Mo and Stella were arguing.

Mo nodded with Stella in aggreement when Stella said, "Or like funding for sports is more important than a music program."

Mo and Stella joined hands when they saw the billboard of them.

Mo and Stella were in a group hug with Charlie when they were listening to "Determinate."

When Ray was harassing Olivia, Stella came in and spit her lemonade in Ray's face, making Mo and Olivia laugh.

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