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Movia is the friendship pairing of Lemonade Mouth members, Olivia White and Mo Banjaree.

What is Movia?

Movia (Mo + Oli/via) is the friendship pairing of Mo Banjaree and Olivia White.

'This is only a friendship pairing!'

This currently rivals Mott (M/o + Sc/ott) Wenvia (Wen + Oli/via) and Marlie (M/o + Ch/arlie).

Other Pairing Names for Movia

  • Molivia (M/o + Olivia)
  • Olivio (Olivi/a + M/o)
  • Olo (Ol/ivia + M/o)
  • Moliv (Mo + Oliv/ia)
  • Moivia (Mo + Ol/ivia)
  • Mohivia (Mohin/i + Oli/via)

Movia Moments

  • Mo goes to Olivia's house to comfort her after her cat Nancy dies.
  • Mo and Olivia are seen talking before Charlie enters the room.
  • Mo looks at Olivia after Stella gives a band name idea and Olivia agrees it's terrible without Mo saying anything which shows she understands Mo.
  • Olivia lets Mo sing even though she is the lead singer mostly because Mo might have told Olivia about her relationship with Scott and the song explains Mo entire relationship with Scott.
  • Extended Edition Mo and Olivia both sing Livin' on a High Wire
  • Also in the Extended Edition after their performance Mo tries to hug Olivia but doesn't after she sees Wen and Olivia hugging but doesn't seem to mind showing she might just be a Wenvia shipper.
  • She also was seen smiling when she found out Wen and Olivia were a couple another sign she might be a Wenvia shipper.

Fan Base

Since Lemonade Mouth is on Disney Channel and Disney Channel is a kids channel fans only can ship it as a friendship pair.

Personality Traits

They both have boyfriends (see: Wenvia and Mott ). They both sing well. They are both in Lemonade Mouth. They both have long hair. They are both smart. They both have family problems.

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