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Principal Stanley Brenigan

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Miss Reznik (at the end)


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Christopher McDonald

About Principal Stanley Brenigan

Principal Steven Brenigan is the totally insane, hardcore principal of Mesa High. He loves sports and Turbo Blast, and only treats the cheerleaders and the jocks like they matter. All of the other clubs he moves to the basement. He yells a lot and gives out plenty of detentions. He is also very quick to judge people.


  • "Step away from the puddle, people!"
  • "I will call your father!"
  • "What's he saying?" (To Miss Reznik, about Wen's rapping)
  • "Hector, it's not a pinata! Don't poke it, HIT IT! TAKE IT DOWN!"
  • "A high school dance is not a place for a... political tirade."
  • "Lemonade Mouth is finished."
  • "But, there is an unwritten line, and that shirt crosses it."
  • "Yes, I shut you down. Because the decisions I make are for the good of the school. Okay? And with that good in mind..."
  • "You will not use the music room, you will not use the instruments, if I hear so much as a hum coming from the locker room showers, I will suspend you. Understood? Good. Dismiss."
  • "Hey, Stella! I thought I made myself clear, this lemonade business is over."
  • You she'd actually make a very good principal one day, well, uh, I used to be a bit of a rebel myself. Back in the day."


The Members of Lemonade Mouth

At first, Principal Brenigan hates Lemonade Mouth for going against him and shuts them down during the Halloween Bash. At the end of the movie, he has a change of heart and accepts them and the new auditorium the received. Then he moved all the activities and detention outside the basement. And he accepted the lemonade machine.

The Members of Mudslide Crush

He likes the boys in Mudslide Crush, but only because they are jocks. There is never really any reference to whether he likes or dislikes them.

Miss Reznik

Principal Brenigan thinks Miss Reznik is annoying, and they don't get along. He moves her music room to the basement. At the end of the movie, they become friends and it seems like they have a crush on each other.

It's entirely possible that his statement at the end of the movie ("Well, uh, I used to be a bit of a rebel myself. Back in the day.") was an homage to Christopher MacDonald's first movie, Grease 2, where he played 1961-era T-Bird 2nd-in-command, Goose.