Ray hates all of the members of Lemonade Mouth because they supposedly "stole" his spotlight. He bullies them and tries everything he can to get them to shut down, and mostly gets away with it. In the end, he fails to get Lemonade Mouth shut down and has a ruined friendship with Scott after he joins the band. He is portrayed by Chris Brochu.

About Ray Beech


Ray Beech is the lead singer and rapper of Mudslide Crush. He hates Lemonade Mouth and will do anything to stop it. He is a shallow, conceited soccer jock, that all of the girls love.


  • "You can't cancel the Crush!"
  • "No, we can't talk it out."
  • "Hey, nice costumes! Oh, you're not wearing any?"


Scott Pickett

(Best Friend/Former Bandmate)
Scott and Ray were best friends, and have similar personalities. They were originally were in the same band (Mudslide Crush), but then Scott joined Lemonade Mouth and their friendship was ruined. It is unknown whether they ever rekindle their friendship. (See: Rott)

Stella Yamada

Ray hates Stella and Lemonade Mouth, and the hatred between Stella and him is mutual. When Ray was somewhat bullying Olivia, Stella spits Mel's Lemonade in his face. Ray then calls her "Lemonade Mouth" which then became their band's name. (See: Rayella)

Mo Banjaree

Mo does not like Ray at all. She thinks he is self-centered, and he is often very rude to her. He started a fight with her and her friends that resulted in her and her friends being sent back to detention.

Olivia White

Ray and Olivia do not share a friendly relationship. He bullies her because she is the lead singer of his rival band.

Charlie Delgado

Charlie is scared of Ray and doesn't like him, because he is a jerk and a bully. He also doesn't like him because he is self-centered and is in an opposing band, Mudslide Crush. (See: Chay)

Wen Gifford

Wen doesn't like Ray because he was bullying Olivia and then threatened to hurt them.


  • Ray came up with the name "Lemonade Mouth" after Stella spit lemonade in his face.
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