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What is Rayella?

Rayella is the romantic pairing of Ray Beech and Stella Yamada. Some people think they hate each other while others think they are a perfect match. This is one of the most popular couples in the movie. They are called Rayella by many fans and shippers and mostly in fanfiction. In an interview with Chris Brochu, he stated he wanted Ray and Stella to be a power couple.

Other Pairing Names

  • Rella (R/ay + St/ella)
  • Stelay (Stel/la + R/ay)
  • Rayla (Ray + Stel/la)
  • Stellay (Stell/a + R/ay)

Rayella Moments

  • When Stella first come to Mesa High, Ray checked her out after saying, "Hey, check out the new girl."
  • Stella said she doesn't want to compete against Mudslide Crush.
  • Stella spit Mel's Lemonade on Ray from her mouth (reason why Lemonade Mouth is called Lemonade Mouth)
  • Ray told Stella to sit down when she was giving her speech.
  • When Stella was having an argument with the two cheerleaders, Ray stoped the argument by telling two nerds to move so the cheerleaders could sit and the argument would be over
  • When Lemonade Mouth was about to perform he said, "Nice costumes, oh wait, your not wearing any." Ray wasn't wearing a costume either.
  • Ray didn't want Scott to join Lemonade Mouth, Stella's band
  • Stella and Ray's little chat before Lemonade Mouth went on at Rizing star: "Beat that." "Oh, we will."

Personality Traits

They are both good musicians. They both have bands (see: Lemonade Mouth & Mudslide Crush). They both are brave and do whatever they want whenever they want and both are incredibly stubborn.


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