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Ray Beech and Scott Pickett



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What is Rott?

The friendship pairing of Ray Beech and Scott Pickett. They were in the same band Mudslide Crush until Scott joined Lemonade Mouth which ruined their friendship. It is unknown whether they ever rekindle their friendship.

This is only a friendship pairing!

Other Pairing Names

  • Scay (Sc/ott + R/ay)
  • Say (S/cott + R/ay)
  • Scoay (Sco/tt + R/ay)
  • Rocott (R/ay + S/cott)

Rott Moments

  • Ray and Scott sung "Don't Ya Wish You Were Us" together.
  • Ray and Scott were shown to be best friends.
  • Scott was going to skip class with Ray.
  • Ray brings Mo Banjaree to see Scott with another girl to make her jealous and break up with Scott maybe this was because he wanted to himself and had something against Lemonade Mouth
  • Ray said if Scott helped Lemonade Mouth, he was out of Mudslide Crush then Scott replied, "Then I guess I'm out of the band". Ray responded," Don't walk away from me!", meaning he didn't want Scott to leave Mudslide Crush.
  • In the end it is revealed Scott joined Lemonade Mouth which means Ray is no longer friends with Scott.
  • It is unknown whether they ever rekindle their friendship.

Personality Traits

They are both self-centered. They both are or were members of Mudslide Crush. They both have or had something against Lemonade Mouth.

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