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What is Scohini?

"Scohini" is the romantic pairing of Scott Pickett and Mohini Banjaree. They are currently going out and are a loving couple They broke up once and then got back together.

Scohini Moments

  • Mo changes into better clothes before she talks to Scott.
  • Scott often holds Mo's hand.
  • Scott often waits for Mo to be done with her school work.
  • Mo skips class with Scott.
  • They almost always sit beside each other at events.
  • They talk and laugh during Scott's soccer practice.
  • Both says that they don't want their music careers to come in between them.
  • Scott is amazed by Mo and Lemonade Mouth's performance at the Halloween bash.
  • Whenever Ray messes with Lemonade Mouth (and indirectly Mo), he tells him to stop.
  • Scott smiles at Mo when their eyes meet at Dante's pizzeria.
  • Scott watches over Mo's performance at the pizzeria.
    • He seems to get jealous when a young man in the crowd shares a small 'dance' with Mo, and walks out.
  • Scott watches Mo with the band in the hallways, and is seen being sad and disappointed by the fact that she ignored him.
  • Scott admits that he made a mistake in which he is really regretful about it, saying that Jules was only a friend. He positively acknowledges Mo's change and admits that he still had feelings for Mo, and begs her to forgive him for his mistakes.
    • She forgives him which makes Scott very happy in which he smiles at her and places his hands on her cheek. But Mo wants to take things slowly.
  • Scott wishes Mo good luck before their performance at Rising Star.
  • Scott walks away from Ray (and Mudslide Crush) to help Mo and Lemonade Mouth due to the band messing up their song at Rising Star. This makes Mo very surprised.
  • Mo thanks for Scott's help at Rising Star.
  • Scott understand the "package deal" Mo was talking about, regarding herself and her music. He says that he thinks it's good and is really interested to get to know the new her, calling her "Mohini", and asks her to give him another chance.
    • Mo accepts, making them both happy. Mo then kisses Scott on the cheek.
  • Scott joins Lemonade Mouth and on stage, Scott and Mo are regularly seen by each other's side.
  • Scott and Mo are referred to as each others "special person".

Other Pairing Names

  • Mott (Mohini + Scott)


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