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Adam HicksAdam Hicks/Gallery
And the Crowd GoesBlake MichaelBreakthrough
Bridgit MendlerBridgit Mendler/Gallery
Cary ElwesCast GalleryCharacters
Charlie DelgadoCharlie Delgado/Gallery
Charlie Hirsh (book character)CholiviaChris Brochu
Chris Brochu/GalleryColin J Cunningham
DeterminateDon't Ya Wish U Were UsEveryday Monsters
Fan fiction:Operation:Crazy DaughtersFeatured Media RulesGordy Stryder
GramHayley KiyokoHayley Kiyoko/Gallery
HelpHere We Go
High WireJayne Eastwood
John GiffordJulesLM couples
Lemonade Mouth- What's What EditionLemonade Mouth/Gallery
Lemonade Mouth (Band)Lemonade Mouth (Book)Lemonade Mouth (Movie)
Lemonade Mouth (Soundtrack)Lemonade Mouth (TV series)Lemonade Mouth 2 (Movie)
Lemonade Mouth 2 gotta happen!Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up (Book)
Lemonade Mouth Wiki
Livin' on a High WireLyle DwarkinLyle Dwarkin (book character)
Mel's LemonadeMellaMesa High
Minor PairingsMiss Reznik
Mo Banerjee (book character)Mo BanjareeMo Banjaree/Gallery
More Than a Band
MoviaMudslide CrushMusic
NancyNaomi Fishmier (book character)Naomi Scott
Naomi Scott/GalleryNick Roux
Olivia WhiteOlivia White/Gallery
Olivia Whitehead (book character)Principal BreniganRay Beech
Scott PickettShe's So GoneShined Keli
Sidney Gifford/Gallery
Skinny NancySmile SongSomebody
Stella PennStella Penn (book character)
Stella YamadaStella Yamada/Gallery
StoliviaSydney GiffordThe Music Scene
Tisha Campbell-MartinTurbo BlastTurn Up the Music
Wen GiffordWen Gifford/GalleryWen Gifford (book character)
Who Thinks Wen and Olivia Should Date?Wiki News TowerWiki Rules
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