Stolivia is the friendship pairing of Olivia White and Stella Yamada.

From first sight throughout the film and the books, Stella is shown to have a soft spot for Olivia, who is her best friend. Always seen either standing by or next to her, Stella makes it clear that she loves Olivia a little more than the rest of the band, and thinks of her as a sister. Stella constantly defends Olivia and perhaps babies her a little bit, but will act kind of like a mom to Olivia and be the one Olivia looks up to. The two always know what's best for one another and know that they are in each other's corners.

Stella and Olivia


Best friends


Singing and guitar

Ship rivals:

Wenvia, Wella, Cholivia, Rayella


Olivia White and Stella Yamada

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Stolivia Moments

  • They are often shown hugging.
  • Throughout the books, Stella makes it a well-known fact that Olivia is her favorite, and everybody in the band knows it. 
  • They both sing and play guitar.
  • Stella and Olivia try to convince the others not to back out of Rising Star when they're arrested.
  • When Stella catches Ray Beech bullying Olivia, she comes in and spits lemonade in Ray's face, making Olivia laugh.
  • Stella encourages Olivia to sing at the Halloween Bash.
  • Stella tries to convince Olivia to keep singing when she freezes up at Rising Star.
  • Stella and Olivia both high five each other and giggle after Olivia sings "Somebody."
  • Stella asks Olivia if she wrote "Somebody."
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