Sydney Gifford

Hair Color


Eye Color





John Gifford


Wen Gifford, Georgie Gifford (both stepchildren)

Potrayed by

Ariana Smythe

Sydney Gifford is Wen and Georgie step-mother, and John Gifford's second wife. She's portrayed by Ariana Smythe.


We don'know nothing about Sydney's past. Sydney looks like a nice person, sweet and understanding, is very in love with her boyfriend and later husband, John, even though he already has two grown children. Unfortunately, however, the older son of his partner, later husband, Wen can't accept her. Despite this, Sydney is very affectionate with Wen. Eventually, Wen, will be able to accept her, afterwards, that she will show up at the police station after Wen and the Lemonade Mouth have been arrested. Thanks to this gesture, she and Wen, they will overcome their divergences, and the boy will soon accept it, even taking part in the marriage between her and her father.

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