Stella, Wen, and Olivia at The Music Scene

The Music Scene

The Music Scene is a music-kind show with the host, Moxie and then Lemonade Mouth (Olivia, Wen, Stella, Charlie, Mo, Scott) got on the show. The interview was about each member of Lemonade Mouth and then Mo 's dad finds out Mo is in a relationship with Scott, Wen is Olivia's girl, and Charlie is new America's Heartrobe.

High Wire

The Lemonade Mouth performed their new written song Livin' On a High Wire. It started with Stella playing the bass and then Wen starts rapping. After, Olivia and Mo sings as a duo in the song. Scott and Stella play their guitars in the background. Then Wen repeats the same line he raps with and then Olivia and Mo sings. But then Mo sings while playing Wen's keyboard. Then Olivia finishes it with the finishing line "Livin' On a High Wire!"

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