here are my top ten movies:

1. Lemonade mouth - because i love all the songs. my favourite is she's so gone

2. 16 wishes - I love sweet 16 birthday parties. Abby and Krista's was amazing

3. Camp Rock 2- the final jam - Camp rock dosent go out of buisness despite they lost the competittion

4. Let it shine - this is one of the first movies I've seen that has mostly black people and I'm black

5. Good luck charlie it's christmas - it's their first movie and they're going to have Toby

6. Sharpay's fabulous adventure - Sharpay gets to do her own movie

7. High school musical 2 - summer vacation and i love musicals

8. Starstruck - I never knwe Sterling Knight sings

9. Radio rebel - just do

10. High school musical- just do

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