My favorite couples in Lemonade Mouth are Wenlivia. Even though they don't date, I still love the moments they have. Like when Olivia hugs Wen when Wen gives the kitten to Olivia. I thought that was sooooooo nice and Olivia should have kissed Wen. Anyways other moments are when Wen kisses Olivia's hand when she was singing Livin' on a Highwire. I awwed at that. It was soooooo cute! Anyways, i won't name ALL the moments Wenlivia has but all of them are my favorite. Anyways my other favorite couple was Mott. I didn't like them at first but now I like them and when they got back together at the end I was SOOOOOOOO happy. Anyways, what are your favorite couples/pairings from Lemonade Mouth? Let me know in the commons below.


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