Lemonade Mouth Wiki

So i made a request to own this wikia. The reasons why i want the wikia are :

1. Most of the Admins aren't active on the wikia and the last admin stopped at 21:02, August 2, 2018  after editing the Scott Pickett page.

2. I love the movie and the fans. The movie was amazing and i love the songs, along with the fans. I'm still fighting for a Lemonade Mouth 2!

3. I know what to do, mostly i have many wikias where i'm admin and i read the rules.

So these are my reason why i want the wikia. But before i end this......

The movie has made me who i am today and made me stand up for myself and others. This movie has made a huge impact on my life. Thanks to the FANDOM admins, staff, the Lemonade Mouth inactive admins, the cast, and mostly the amazing fans. 

So here's the end. Can i please have the wikia?

                                                                           Thanks, Imagine.