Ok, I'm not German, I'm not from Germany, whilst I've never been to Germany, nor have I met a real German person (well, I know people who's background is German, but not actually born there).

So, why did I make this blog?

To celebrate the premiere of the Lemonade Mouth movie in Germany today (the 27th of May)! Yay!!! We have to be happy everytime the movie premieres somewhere else, right?

Of course we do! That means, more views for the movie + more fans + more ratings = a possibility of a 2nd Lemonade Mouth movie! Simple math :)

YAHOO! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Don't forget to CELEBRATE!

Also, the movie will be titled: Lemonade Mouth - Die Geschichte einer Band

Thanks, Wikipedia. Again, I'm NOT German :D


InSpeck -Naomi Scott Rules!- Lmouthcast2 and so does Lemonade Mouth!!

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