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Tealgirl Tealgirl 25 April 2011

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hey lemonade mouth fans,

well for one i just want to say HAPPY EASTER!!!!! or at least happy sunday if you don't celebrate easter.o and also i just wanted to let ppl know about if u already know of it,cool, if ya don't listen up) is a site were you can post stories about the characters or scenes from your fave movies,tv ahows, books, and more. you can take put up your own way of how you like person 1 or person 2 to get together or if u wished you cud've changed the ending or sceneof a story,you can. it's pretty cool especially for ppl who luv to write and even if u don't you can read the stories posted. also i think it wud be cool if someone cud post some stories for lemonade mouth. well that's it, k bye!!!!!!…

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