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Wen Gifford and Stella Yamada


Good Friends

Ship Rivals


Wella (W/en + St/ella) are very close friends and have a great more like a brother-sister relationship.

What is Wella?

The romantic or friendship pairing of Stella Yamada and Wen Gifford. This is high unlikley to happen because Wen likes Olivia White. (See Wenvia.) They have more of a brother-sister relationship.

This is only a friendship pairing! 'Though fans are allowed to think of it romanticaly .'

Rivals: Wenvia (Wen + Oli/via) and Rayella (Ray + St/ella)

Wella Moments

  • Wen and Stella were seen talking to each other before they went in the elavator
  • Wen and Stella are the first two people to agree to creating a band
  • WellaAfterYou
    Wen tries to calm Stella down
  • In the Extended Edition, while Stella said doing the thing we love, she touched Wen's shoulder which may mean she has feelings for Wen. (possibly)
  • In "Livin' On A High Wire", Wen gets close to Stella and they rock back and forth.

Personality Traits

They both know how to rap. They both thought a band was a good idea. They both love Mel's Lemonade. They both have family troubles. They are both in Lemonade Mouth. They are both persistent.

Fan Base

Not many people ship this though some do. Since this is different genders it will be allowed on Disney Channel to happen though it may not.

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